An important component in your car’s computer system is the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU uses a process that examines the outputs of a system to control the input to a system managing the emissions and fuel economy. Different sensors constantly send data to the ECU, notifying the ECU of the coolant temperature, amount of oxygen in the exhaust and numerous other factors needed for a car to function properly.

Automobile sensors are now using smart sensors to assist in gathering data to provide the ECU with the needed information. A smart sensor has become popular for integrating all the electronics from reading the voltage, calibrating temperature and recording the digital outputs. By using Arlington City Garage smart sensors it provides for a more accurate reading.

Over time more switches are existing at the driver’s reach to assist in the computer and sensor aspect. Another term known as multiplexing simplifies the wiring within your vehicle. Multiplexing uses a microprocessor that allows the wiring from getting out of control.

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