Is your car battery out of juice? Did you know a car battery is among the top vehicle parts to be highly abused and rarely maintained? Drivers only inspect it when their vehicle fails to start, or when the check battery light comes up on the dashboard.

If you attempt to change it yourself, there are a few things City Garage would like you to keep in mind before performing a replacement. Always be sure to wear gloves and eye care of some sort. In addition, inspect the terminals carefully to make sure they are clear of corrosion before the replacement. To avoid damaging it, make sure it is securely mounted and firmly secured to the mounting bracket. If necessary you may top off the fluid with distilled water in maintenance free batteries. If there is no fluid detected, the odds of your battery failing soon are high, so bring it in and let our Arlington City Garage ASE Certified Technicians give you a replacement today.

As we all know there is no car battery that will last a lifetime, but at Arlington City Garage our Arlington ASE Certified Mechanics are committed to making it last as long as possible. Our Arlington City Garage offers a $10 coupon when it is due for a replacement. You can easily make an appointment online or by phone, and all locations offer Free Wi-Fi so you can continue working.  You can also drop it off and one of our Arlington mechanics will bring it to your home or office when service is complete. City Garage wants to help!