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Car Tune Up

Car Tune Up

Automobile Tune-Up & Auto Maintenance in Arlington TX

Regular auto maintenance can make a positive difference to your vehicle in all sorts of ways. Not only is driving performance and fuel efficiency enhanced, but ensuring that fuel pumps, filters and injectors are in good shape can significantly prolong the life of your engine. The key to keeping your vehicle in good shape is a set routine of high-quality servicing and tune-up every 12,000 miles, or annually. At our Arlington garage, we offer a full service and tune-up, completing a comprehensive range of checks, tests and replacements on your vehicle.

Comprehensive Automobile Tune-Up in Arlington, TX

Our tune-up and service includes:

Fuel system cleaning to remove build-up from your system.

A visual check of the parts of your engine

Timing and idle re-calibration (if required)

Fresh, Bosch spark plugs

Limited annual (or 12,000 mile) warranty

Filter changes (air and fuel) that are warranted for 6,000 miles

Auto Tune-Up Near Me

There are a number of warning signs that can indicate a service or tune-up is required, even if your vehicle isn’t scheduled for one. If you notice decreased power, unusual noises during acceleration, stationary stalling or an instrument warning light on the dash, it’s important to get prompt, professional attention in order to resolve the matter before it results in serious damage to your engine or unsafe driving. At our nearby auto maintenance shop in Arlington, we offer a $10 discount on a tune-up when you spend more than $97. Our aim is always to provide a winning combination of great work and excellent customer care – we’ll be happy to drop your vehicle back at your office or home after a tune-up. Or, if you prefer to wait as we work, we provide FREE Wi-Fi for your convenience. To book an appointment, either use our quick, simple online booking system or call us at (817) 465-9955 (Southwest Arlington) or (817) 459-4004 (North Arlington).