Have you ever wondered how long your vehicle should be able to perform properly? How many miles until you should expect large problems? This answer can come in many different forms, and it’s easy to get confused about the average life of your vehicle. The truth of the matter is that depending on your vehicle, your driving habits, and your adherence to the scheduled maintenance plan, that answer could fall anywhere between 100k to 250k miles. Here at City Garage Arlington, we help you decipher the signs of your vehicle wear and tear to find what needs to be done for maintenance. We want to include a service plan that is neither too much nor too little to keep your car on the road and in tip top shape. We believe in making the most of your investment, and gaining your trust in the process. City Garage Arlington is prepared to deliver some of the best prices and services in the industry. Give us a call for one of the best service maintenance experiences you’ll ever have.

Your Arlington City Garage offers $25 off any maintenance totaling over $200. By following the plan created by your Arlington ASE Certified Technicians at City Garage Arlington you will be able to achieve the 150,000-mile milestone without a problem. You can easily make an appointment online by filling out the contact form. All locations offer free Wi-Fi so you can continue working. Alternatively, you can drop your car off and have one of our City Garage mechanics bring it to your home or office when service is complete.