Fuel injectors have been in circulation since 1990, and your car today most likely features a fuel injection system in it. The fuel injector plays an important role in the combustion of your fuel, which leads to your vehicle’s ability to go anywhere. The injector is controlled by the computer and knows exactly how much fuel to spill into the combustion chamber. The problem lies in the fact that not all fuel injectors are created to last very long, and in many cases clogging of the injectors will happen. This leads to decreased gas mileage, and the need for a replacement fuel injector. All of these repairs are difficult to do, and at City Garage Arlington, we don’t want you to dismay. When it comes to fuel injection clearning and replacement, we are fully capable of taking care of your fuel injection cleaning problems once and for all. Just simply give us a call and let us do the rest.

You can schedule an appointment either online or over the phone, and all of our City Garage locations, including Arlington, feature free Wi-Fi to keep you occupied while you wait. We can also drop your vehicle off at your home or office once the service is complete! Let our ASE certified technicians make your fuel injector cleaning and replacement experience be pleasant and smooth. Give us a call today!