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Oil Change

Oil Change

Although most people believe they need to get their oil changed after driving 3,000 miles, the reality is that if you use high-grade auto engine oil it can be every 5,000 miles, particularly if you opt for regular multi-viscosity motor oil. If you would prefer a longer gap between oil changes (somewhere between 6,000 to 7,500 miles) use Duncanville City Garage Valvoline for your engine oil change. At your local Duncanville City Garage there are three different oil options when it comes to a change: the full synthetic oil change, a conventional oil change and an environmentally friendly change of oil. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Our technicians will be happy to explain the various options for car oil changes to you if required.

Possibly the Best Place for an Oil Change

Our Duncanville City Garage offers a $89 Full Synthetic Oil Change and a $39 Conventional Oil Change. Further, Duncanville City Garage offers a $5 off any oil change. When you turn to us for a transmission oil change or a synthetic oil change, we also complete a thorough check of thirty different aspects of your vehicle, including an inspection of the underside of your car, a look at the engine and a tire pressure check. When you turn to us for your oil change, we include a generous oil allowance (up to six quarts), a new filter and grease fitting lubrication. Our aim is to always provide a large amount of added value to your car oil changes.

Oil Change Specials Near Me

We usually recommend using synthetic oil for your vehicle, as it keeps engine build-up to a minimum and is better suited to the warmer Arlington and Duncanville climate. Our technicians are all ASE Certified and committed to making your vehicle last as long as possible. With regular oil changes and servicing from our team here at City Garage, we aim to have your vehicle still going strong at 150,000 miles.

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If you value your vehicle and want it to last, we’re here for you. Not only can you expect exceptional treatment for your car or truck, we also pride ourselves on offering exceptional treatment to every customer – from FREE Wi-Fi as you wait, through to a courtesy vehicle drop off once work is complete (to your home or office), we do whatever we can to make your oil change as convenient and easy as possible. Don’t forget to become a City Garage Preferred Customer to save on your future oil changes or other maintenance and repairs. To book your oil change, or find out more about what we can offer, call us at (817) 465-9955 (Southwest Arlington), (817) 459-4004 (North Arlington) or use the fast, straight-forward online bhttp://8174594004ooking system.